Inner Pathways toward Sustainability

A learning journey between March and June 2020

2.-10. May 2020

Invitation to a learning journey between March and June 2020, with a residential training course in Hungary, 2nd-10th of May.

Regenerative responses to the current state of the world. How do I engage?


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Application form (open by January 31st 2020):


Faced with the world’s ecological crises, social injustice and climate emergency, many of us are searching for an appropriately healthy response; a response that feels meaningful and inspires a sense of peace, contribution and interconnection. Some may find it in various forms of activism, some in education, in lobbying and campaigning, some in spiritual practices – yet many find it overwhelmingly challenging to face this situation, find a response that feels adequate.

“It’s not enough”
“It’s too complex”
“I have no energy anymore”,
“What difference does it make..?”

Healthy response requires going beyond old patterns and mechanisms that are more recreating the problem than bringing solution. As a result, many new movements and approaches are emerging toward cultivating a better world such as Sacred activism, Regenerative Cultures and Deep Ecology; all of which recognise the necessity to transition towards a wholistic, all-life-sustaining society aligned with inner work and outer action.


The learning journey

The design of this learning journey is aligned with the approaches mentioned above. It aims to support us explore both our inner pathway, and a shift towards a healthy sustainable response to the current state of the world – a strengthening of our capacity to face it with peace, resilience, creative power and meaningful action.


It will support us to:
  • Cultivate practices to nourish and sustain us and our community
  • Connect to our inner source of action in service for all life and act upon it
  • Explore existing frameworks, movements and approaches working towards creating regenerative cultures
  • Deepen a sense of belonging to a wider community of people taking actions on behalf of the Earth


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